Basics Course

Basics of Ayurveda Course

Course Duration -  5 days

Class duration    -  2 hours each day

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1.            What is Ayurveda?

2.            Aims of Ayurveda.

3.            Origin of Ayurveda.

4.            Panchamahabhuta theory

5.            Tridosha theory

o             What are Doshas, Dhatus and Mala?

o             Qualities of Doshas.

o             Normal Variation in their state.

o             Funtions of Doshas.

o             Seats of doshas.

o             Relationship between Doshas and tastes.

o             Relationship between Doshas and seasons.

6.            What is a disease?

7.            Why doshas get vitiated?

8.            Causes of Dosha vitiation.

9.            Features of Dosha vitiation.

10.          What is Agni?

11.          What is Ama?

12.          Prevention of diseases

o             Daily regimen

o             Seasonal regimen

o             Three pillars of good health.

13.          Prakruti

o             What is Prakruti?

o             Factors influencing Prakruti.

o             Types of Prakruti.

o             Some common food items

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