Ashtanga Vinyasa

Mysore is the International capital of ‘Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.’

Mysore has produced great teachers. Such one person was Sri T Krishnamacharya. He in turn taught K Pattabi Jois, B N S Iyengar, Desikachary and BKS Iyengar. These generations of teachers were the first generation of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practitioners known in the last century from who many today have learn Yoga from.


Being a citizen of Mysore Sri  has been practicing yoga the last 20 years under the guidance of both father and BNS Iyengar. He began his practice at the age of 8 and has competed in state and national level programmes been awarded various prices for it. He also has been facilitated twice in a row as ‘Best Sports Man’ of the year due to his yoga practice discipline, by the Mysore State Independence Committee. He Completed his Graduation in Bachelor of Science (B Sc) through Mysore University.

He began his teaching carrier in yoga at 16. His experience and deep understanding about postures has lead many students into proper asana practice. He helps his students by doing the right adjustments that improve the performance of the student in the right posture without any physical injury.

Teaching methodology brings into perspective that students must have understanding of postures with the proper alignment so as to get the best of the practice.

He stresses on the fact that while practicing Ashtanga yoga, that the asana movement is not just enough but the breathing sequence that goes with it is important.

Following are the few of his Achievements in Yogasana:

1) 2nd place in Declamation competition in Sixteenth National Yoga Championship at Davangere (Karnataka) in the year 1991-92.

2) 5th place in Sixteenth National Yoga Championship at Advancer (Karnataka) in the year 1991-92.

3) 3rd place in International Krishna yoga Association in the year 1993.

4) 5th place in International Yogasana Federation Cup Yoga Competition In 1991.

5) 1st place in 3rd State Junior Yogasana Championship in the year 1991.

6) 2nd place in State Level Yoga Competition held in Ashtanga Yoga Kendra nanjungud in the Year 1992.

7) 3rd place in 2nd South zone Yogasana Championship in the year 1991 in Bengaluru.

8) 2nd place in 1st State non-medalist Yogasana Competition in the year 1991 in Mysore.

9) 1st place in 1st state senior yogasana Competition in the year 1991 in Mysore.

10) 3rd place in 16th Karnataka Yoga Championship in the year 1996 in Gadag.

11) 2nd place in 6th National TAE Kwon Do Championship 1992 in Mysore.

He was Felicitated two times in a row has a Best Sportsman of the year in 1996 & 1997 from MYSORE STATE INDEPENDENCE COMITTE Because of the Achievements in Yogasana & Karate .